I am abanop Samuel

design problems
is my passion.

My goal is to build meaningful and easy-to-use functional products, transform user problems into a delightful experience, Help businesses grow and scale through design.

My Process of work

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Product definition

Brainstorm around the product at the highest level (basically, the concept of the product) with stakeholders.

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I focuses on understanding user behavior and needs through various techniques such as direct observation, surveys, and task analysis.

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The aim of the analysis phase is to draw insights from data collected during the research phase, moving from “what” users want/think/need to “why” they want/think/need it.

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Work on various activities, from creating information architecture (IA) to the actual UI design. (meaning that it cycles back upon itself to validate ideas).

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Validation phase starts after the high-fidelity design is ready, since testing with high-fidelity designs provides more valuable feedback from end-users).

Featured Projects

Mobile Application

UX/UI Design
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Akla is App for
Food Recipes

UX/UI Design
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UX/UI Design
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What they say about me

When I think about someone who is able to combine both arts and technology with perfection and focus, Abanop's name comes to my mind.
He is a professional that he likes to deliver the concept, the idea behind the things that he creates.
He is respectful and able to communicate his ideas and contribute to the organization. He captures the essence of the design and is able to translate all of this into the UX to a real good job in whatever product.
Person of high personal integrity, highly committed with each work, he acts openly with honestly in conflict resolution. He is a professional focused on results and have a good relationship with each others. He has high efficiency to face new challenges and comply with merit.

Abanop is highly skilled UI UX designer with a very good attitude, can manage his time in a great way and always develop himself.

Abanop is a heighly skilled UI/UX designer with creative design and heighly committed to delivery time with heigh quality and creativity.

Abanop is one of the most creative designers, simply he is an artist.
He is also very committed towards his work.
It will always be pleasure to work with designers like Abanop.

شكرا ً على التصميم والتعاون والتعامل والمتابعة الدائمة شخص رائع حريص ومخلص ، سعدت وتشرفت بمعرفتك يشرفني التعامل معك مره أخرى ، تمنياتي لك بالتوفيق

أبانوب مصمم جيّد و متعاون جدّا عند طلب أي تعديلات من جانبه

ممتاز جداً جداً جداً ومتعاون وراح تدعيله أكيد

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Product Manager

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